Sunday, 14 October 2007

When the whole world smells of fish

When the whole world smells fish.. you better clean your nose. Understanding these words will spare you much trouble and danger in your life. This reminds me of a story:

How will be the people in the next town?
Nasreddin was on his way home from saint Mecca.

Midway on the sandy road between two cities he met a man. They greeted each other and sat down to chatter, as lonely travellers are so happy to do.

"Tell me Hoca," asked the pilgrim, who looked tired and worried, "since you came that way you must know. How are the people in the city from where you come and where I happen to go?"

The mullah inquired:
"First tell me how were the people in the town you come from?"
"They were despicable evil people. They were out to get me. I was lucky to escape them."

"Well, my friend, they will be all the same in the city where you go."

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